• What we do


    Barmal Bijiril Fund aspires to become a major stakeholder in the First Nations philanthropic scene over time by providing mainstream philanthropy with advice and a more direct vehicle to invest or co-invest in projects identified communities and endorsed and promoted by the



    Barmal Bijiril works with the philanthropic sector, ensuring a greater understanding of First Nations peoples and the organisations representing them. The long term aim is to assist the philanthropic sector to be more informed on how they can strategically support inclusivity

    in the First Nations space. Currently, Barmal Bijiril is supported by a few committed foundation donors, government grants, and fee-for-service activities for the Philanthropic sector and beyond.


    Barmal Bijirili is also committed to increasing the presence of First Nations people working in the sector; by assisting the sector to be a better employer of First Nations peoples. Through the delivery of cultural protocol information, organisations and funds will be supported to include First Nations peoples in the decision-making processes; in grantmaking, staff recruitment, and board appointments.


    All of these challenges relate to the need for deep listening and discussion, collaborative partnerships, and culturally targeted approaches to granting. With the support of the First Nations Elders Reference Group, Barmal Bijiril aims to address these issues, through the establishment of the Blak Loungeroom, and the development of Truth-Telling Forums and Cultural and Topic-based workshops.


    Barmal Bijiril aims to engage the sector's journey in inclusivity, increasing the knowledge base on how to best engage with First Nations peoples, their communities, and THEIR issues.