• The Blak Lounge Room

    A National First Nations Committee to improve the relationship between us and the philanthropic sector

    On August 7th -9th 2022 the National Planning Committee met in Melbourne to workshop the structure role and membership of the Blak Loungeroom National Committee. (see Gallery)



    In the Australian philanthropy sector, over the last few years, there is a visible dramatic change taking place, in the efforts being made to authentically engage with First Nations people across a wide range of issues. Sadly, due to the lack of engagement to date, there are few voices that can represent the views of Grass Roots First Nations people, currently strategically placed in the sector to help lead this movement for change.


    In 2021 Barmal Bijiril conceived The Blak Loungeroom project as a way to facilitate and support increasing the amount of First Nations people involved in the sector, thru the provision of a forum where we can gather

    Those of us already working within the sector, need to support each other, as well as encourage the sector to employ more First Nations people, and provide opportunities for First Nations people to sit on Boards within the sector

    The Blak Loungeroom is involved in;


    The promotion of the concept of self -determination for First Nations peoples within the philanthropic sector.


    Increasing the agency and capacity of First Nations communities to be involved in the philanthropic sector


    The development of a network of First Nations people who are employed in or sit on Boards within the philanthropic sector


    The provision of mutual support to all members, and be available to provide educational resources, where possible


    Providing a regular forum where guest speakers can be invited, to share information on issues relevant to First Nations peoples as identified by the members


    Providing a forum for its members to bring forward ideas for discussion and support should they choose to do so.


    Providing as a Forum, the opportunity for non-Indigenous philanthropic representatives to bring ideas for discussion in a Blak space.


    Providing an opportunity to advocate for equity on behalf of all members to the philanthropic and government sectors, to improve the communication and policy decisions on a national and international level



    The Barmal Bijiril First Nations Advisory Group will have input into the governance of the Blak Loungeroom, as an initial Barmal Bijiril project. With adequate interest and support from First Nations people this project could evolve to be an entity to itself, with the guidance of a National Advisory Committee, comprising representatives from each State and Territory, where possible

    Barmal Bijiril will continue in the short term to medium term, to raise funds for the operation of the Blak Loungeroom