• Testimonial

  • Gary Murray

    First Nations Elder

    Gary Murray is a respected elder across Victoria and is a multi-clan descendant of the Wamba Wamba (Vic/NSW Murray River), Dhudhuroa (Vic/NSW Murray River), Wiradjuri (NSW Bogan River), Yorta Yorta (Vic/NSW Murray River), Baraparapa (Vic/NSW Murray River), Dja Dja Wurrung (Loddon/Avoca Rivers), Djupagalk (Richardson River) and Wergaia Nations (Wimmera River).


    He is also on the Barmal Bijiril Advisory Group, bringing a range of expertise, from cultural history, politics, socio-economics, and education

    Liz Gillies

    CEO, Menzies Foundation

    Liz Gillies is a highly respected figure in the philanthropic sector, is the CEO of The Menzies Foundation, andis a highly sought after conference speaker.

    Liz’s innovative projects and collaborations are impacting on the way the philanthropic sector approaches the future, and provide a framework for considered critical thinking