Edgar Villeneuve; The disruptor

Philanthropy Australia Conference 2021

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What does the future need from us now?

We are about to commence the 2021 Philanthropy Australia Conference on 21st April with an exciting lineup of national and international guests. I am particularly looking forward to the keynote speech of Edgar Villeneuve, native American philanthropist worker, Senior Vice President, Programs & Advocacy, Schott Foundation and Founder & Chief Strategist, Decolonizing Wealth Project (US). I had the pleasere of having a long chat with Edgar in September 2020 regarding this Conference, his input to it, and how he could assist First Nations peoples here by taking part in the workshops scheduled for 6th May. Edgar is a committed Native american disruptor and his book Decolonising Wealth is a joy to read, opening up new ways of thinking about what it means to work with First Nations people. I look forward to continuing discussions with Edgar on how we at Barmal Bijiril can work with him, sharing ideas and finding solutuons!