Time for a National Blak Voice in Philanthropy

The Blak Loungeroom

Last year on a national forum philanthropic panel I floated the idea of establishing an affiliation of First Nations people who work or sit on Boards as trustees in the sector. The plan received glowing interest and support from those present, and I have been waiting for the website to be completed so I can initiate the calls around the country.

The BL concept would see an initial group convening in June 2021 via zoom to work out what it is we want it to be.  I see it primarily as a way to support each other and each others initiatives and programs. But it could also be a space where non-First Nations peoples can be invited to share their ideas and kick them around the table

And finally it could be an advisory committee to Philanthropy Australia, assisting in the convening of the annual conference, and general policy advice.

The longer term aim would be to hold a national conference of our own, perhaps annually.

The hard work starts now!